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Farm Credit’s mission is to provide sound and dependable credit to American farmers, ranchers, producers or harvesters of aquatic products, their cooperatives, and limited types of farm-related businesses. Farm Credit accomplishes this mission by making capital available to qualified individuals and businesses at competitive rates and providing financial services. Consistent with our mission of serving rural America, we also make loans for the purchase of rural homes; to finance rural communication, energy and water infrastructures; to support agricultural exports; and to finance other eligible entities.

An Historic Mission of Service

Although U.S. agriculture and rural America have changed in many ways since the Farm Credit System was founded in 1916, Farm Credit has always been there. Today’s farms, ranches and agricultural enterprises are more diverse and specialized than ever. Agricultural producers of all types need access to this type of dedicated, specialized lender to meet their credit and financial services needs. Farm Credit was created to meet those needs and continues to proudly pursue its mission of service to agriculture and Rural America.

Bringing capital to rural America

Unlike commercial banks, Farm Credit institutions do not take deposits. The System raises loanable funds through the sale of bonds in the nation’s securities markets, bringing capital from the national and international money markets to rural America. These debt securities are the general unsecured joint and several obligations of the Farm Credit Banks and are not guaranteed by the United States government. As the System’s customer-owners repay their loans, the bonds are retired and Farm Credit investors are repaid. As a government-sponsored enterprise, Farm Credit has been able to raise funds at competitive rates and terms, in varying economic environments. This ability to raise funds has allowed us to make competitively priced loans to eligible borrowers and accomplish our mission. The System’s lending institutions are subject to full examination and regulation by an independent federal agency, the Farm Credit Administration.

The Future of U.S. Agriculture

All Farm Credit System lenders to have programs specifically focused on meeting the needs of young, beginning and small farmers. Because System institutions are guided by boards of directors comprised of agricultural producers, many of whom have sons and daughters involved in agriculture, they are highly sensitive and responsive to the needs of young and beginning farmers.



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Farm Credit by the Numbers

  • 1,062,364
    Number of Loans at Dec. 31, 2016
  • 500,000
    Farm Credit Customers Nationwide
  • $253 Billion
    Total Loan Volume at Dec. 31, 2016
  • $12.2 billion
    New Loans to Small Farmers and Ranchers in 2014

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